Building Research Department

Building Research Department

This Department has a Head of department

The Building Research Department (BRD) consists of the Building Design/Construction Division and the Building Material Development/Building Physics Division. This department is one of the key technical Departments of the Institute. The BRD has since the establishment of the Institute on April, 1978 made tremendous efforts towards the realization of its mandates, despite the ever challenging research environment.

1. Mandate of the Department

The BRD has the mandate to improve the quality of life of Nigerians in the area of affordable housing and increased empowerment through integrated R&D in building materials and technologies. Specifically, it is required to formulate and execute R&D in the following areas:

  • Local building and construction materials to determine the most effective and economic means of their utilization
  • Architectural design of building to suit Nigerian climatic conditions with respect to lighting, ventilation, thermal comfort, humidity and noise reduction.

2. Division and Sections

There are two Divisions and five Sections in the Department. The Divisions are:

  • Building Design/Construction: this division has three sections;
  • Architectural section
  • Building construction section
  • Socio-economic section
  • Building Materials/Physics: this division comprise of two sections;
  • Building materials section

Building physics section.