Planning & Information Technology Department

Planning & Information Technology Department

The Planning and Information Technology (PIT) Department is one of the nine functional Departments in NBRRI. The Department is charged with overseeing issues related to Planning, Budgeting and Information in the Institute.

1. Mandate of the Department

The Planning & Information Technology (PIT) Department does not engage in any R&D; however, the Department has its own unique mandate as itemized below:

  1. Budget Preparation: The Department prepares the Institute’s Budget and follows up its implementation in line with the set spending items, along with correcting any deviations that could occur during its implementation.
  2. Strategic Plan/Road Map: The Department is also responsible for drawing a plan that will guide the implementation of the Institute’s set target/goals over a specific period of time.
  • Work Plan: Formulates plans and ensures execution and implementation of such plans by the Institute.
  1. The Department also coordinates and conducts monitoring and evaluation exercise of the Institute’s Capital Projects.
  2. Coordinates and Prepares the Institute’s Annual Report.
  3. Efficiently design and maintains all Information Technology infrastructure in the Institute.
  • The Department also coordinates all activities of the Library and Public Relation Units.

2. Division and Section

The Department is headed by a Deputy Director who oversees the activities of the Department and is responsible to the DG/CEO. He is supported by Divisional/Sectional Heads.

The Department is made up of two Divisions. These are:

  1. Planning and Budget Division
  2. Information and Computer Services Division

Each of the Division is made up of Sections as follows:

  1. For the Planning and Budget Division, the sections are:
  • Planning Section
  • Budget Section
  1. For the Information and Computer Services Division, the Sections are:
  • Information Section
  • Library Section
  • Computer Services Section