Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The Institute is headed by a Director-General who is the Chief Executive Officer overseeing the day-to day activities of the Institute. He is assisted by a Management team, the Institute’s Management Committee, made up of Heads of the nine(9) departments of the Institute. The Director-General is responsible to a Board which supervises policy formulation and implementation while the Honorable Minister of Science and technology acts as the Board in its absence while having overall overview of the Institute’s activities.

Of the six Departments, the three core Research Departments are

Building Research Department: which engages in formulating and implementing integrated research and development activities into varied aspects of the building construction industry.

Road Research Department: which formulates and implements integrated research and development activities into problems of road and transport sectors of the economy

Engineering Materials Research Department: which has the mandate to formulate and implement integrated research and development activities and programmes into the engineering materials sector of the economy with focus on emerging (new) materials for building and road construction


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