The Institute provides:
(a) Research and Development
(b) Consultancy services relating to Building, Road and Engineering Materials to individuals, public and private organizations;
The Institute is also capable of undertaking specific custom made research projects in the building, road and engineering materials sectors of the economy

  • Building Construction
  • Mass production of quality bricks and roofing tiles
  • Construction of shelter, market stalls etc
  • Design of dwellings
  • Construction, supervision of projects include those involving NBRRI technologies
  • Thermal comfort design, shading devices, window designs etc.
  • Development of construction quality plans
  • Tests on concrete

Soil Laboratory Testing

  • Classification tests
  • Strength and deformation tests
  • Compaction and CBR  properties

Land Use Planning

  • Terrain Analysis and Evaluation
  • GIS application
  • Subgrade Soil investigation
  • Geophysical site investigation
  • Land resources identification and evaluation
  • Water borehole Development

Measurement of Acoustic Performance of Buildings & Foundation Engineering

  • Shallow and Deep Foundation design and analysis
  • Earthworks: design of  cuttings and embankments
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Soil improvement techniques
  • Shore line protection

Site Investigation for Engineering  Structure

  • Soil boring, sampling and testing
  • In situ cone penetration tests

Road Design/Construction

  • Design and construction of different types of roads
  • Field and Laboratory tests on various Road materials and their sources
  • Design of road maintenance schemes for different types of road

Engineering Materials

  • Material selection or specification
  • Corrosion engineering design
  • Failure analysis
  • Casting, Welding, Machining
  • Surface treatment (Coating etc)

Building Services Design

(c) Specialist support services to medium and small scale enterprises in the areas of;
– training,
– testing and evaluation of products,
– materials characterization,
– materials  selection (specification),
– feasibility studies,
– materials information.
– enhancement of product quality and market potential
as it relates to all aspects of the construction industry