NBRRI in the past seven years have consistently organized annual international conferences aimed at addressing critical and topical national issues in accordance with its key mandate of capacity building. The institute has also collaborated with the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) in developing a Road Safety Guidelines for Nigeria.

1.  Year: 2011 International Conference

Theme: Bridging the Gap between Building and Road Research and Stakeholders

Date/Venue: 24th – 25th May, 2011 (Sheraton Abuja, Hotel)

Papers Presented;                                                         

  • Achieving NBRRI Vision and Mission: Proposed Strategies and the Challenges – S. Matawal
  • Promoting Effective Linkages Between Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI) and Stakeholders in the Construction Industry – Emeka M. Ezeh
  • Options of Capacity Building and Funding Building and Road Research in Nigeria (Through Technology Transfer) – Umar B. Bindir
  • Framework of Efficient Development and Application of Pozzolana Cement in Nigeria – A. Anigbogu
  • Building Collapse Phenomenon in Nigeria: The Role of Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI) – P. Ejeh


2. Year: 2012 International Conference

Theme: Curbing the Incidences of Building Collapse in Nigeria

Date/Venue: 15th – 16th May, 2012 (Sheraton Abuja, Hotel)

Papers Presented;

  • The Challenges of Building Collapse in Nigeria – S. Matawal
  • Case Histories of Building Collapse in Nigeria – Augustine C. Ike
  • Causative Factors of Building Collapse in Nigeria – Felix Atume
  • Estimating the Cost of Building Collapse in Nigeria – Agele J. Alufohai
  • Roles and the Obligations of the Statutory Regulatory Authorities, consultants, Contractors and Artisans in Mitigating Building Collapse – Umaru Aliyu
  • Building Collapse Phenomenon sanctions, Liabilities and Legal Implications – Dachollom Dalyop Jambol
  • Effective Disaster Management at the Sites of Collapsed Buildings – Akin Akindoyen
  • Issue of Accountability, Transparency and Integrity in Construction – P. Ejeh
  • An Investigation into the Quality of Portland Cement Brands in Nigeria – S. Matawal
  • Disaster Management Strategies in Building – Muhammed Sani Sidi


3. Year: 2013 International Conference

Theme: Challenges of Road Pavement Failure in Nigeria

Date/Venue: 7th – 9th May, 2013 (Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja)

Papers Presented;

  • Road Pavement Failures: Classifications, Causes and Remedies – S. Matawal
  • Application of Road Asset Management System (RAMS) for Improved Road Maintenance and Management in Nigeria – Agbasi and I. Buga
  • Quality Control in Road Construction and Maintenance: Practical – Falade
  • Quality Control in Road Construction and Maintenance: General Principle – P. Ejeh
  • Road Pavement Failure: A Case Study of Enugu- Port Harcourt Expressway – C Osadebe, A. M. Fakeye, D. S. Matawal, and F. O Aitsebaomo
  • Nanotechnology and Civil Engineering – P. Ejeh
  • Digitised Subgrade Soils Map as a Tool for the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Nigerian Roads – O Aitsebaomo, D.S. Matawal, G.N. Omange, and C.C Osadebe
  • Concrete Roads – A Solution to Pavement Failure in Nigeria – O. Makoju
  • Influence of Axle Loads on Road Pavement in Nigeria – N. Ndoke
  • Road Safety Audit in Nigeria: Implications on Design, Construction and Maintenance – Osita Chidoka
  • Influence of Pavement Distress on Travel Time: A Case Study of Wuse District, Abuja – D. Akinmade, D. S. Matawal, F.O. Aitsebaomo, E. B. Ojo, J. E. Maichibi, I.K. Adamu, U.J. Bala
  • Emergency Response Services Related to Road Accidents – D. Otegbade
  • The Effect of Pavement Condition on Traffic Safety: A Case Study of Some Federal Roads in Bauchi State, Nigeria – Mohammed, S. Y. Umar and D. Samson


4. Year: 2014 International Conference

Theme: Challenges of Achieving Affordable Housing in Nigeria

Date/Venue: 2nd – 4th June, 2014 (Shehu Musa Yaradua Centre, Abuja)

Papers Presented;

  • Quality of Housing in Nigeria: The Strength of Construction Materials – S. Matawal
  • Affordable Housing on Nigeria: Conceptual Clarification and Needs Assessment – Abimbola Onibokun
  • Prediction and Reduction of Nigerian Housing Deficit – Kabiru Bala
  • Developing and Managing Affordable Quality Rural and Urban Housing Models for Nigerians – Natalia A. Anigbogu
  • Challenges and Prospects of Estate Development in Nigerian Cities – Anthony A. Akwa and Yunusa Shaibu
  • Upgrading Urban Slums in Nigeria: Issues, Strategies and Solutions – Mustapha Zubairu
  • Assessing the Potential Impacts of NBRRI Pozzolana Project on Affordable Housing Delivery in Nigeria – S. Matawal, G. N. Omange, and Rasak B. Lawal
  • Issues Relating to regulation, Enforcement and Control in the Nigerian Housing delivery Process – Yusuf A. Yahaya
  • The Nigerian Mortgage Industry: Issues, Challenges & the Role of FMBN – Gimba Ya’u Kumo
  • Accessing Land for Housing in Nigeria – Shola Salami
  • Affordable Housing: The Ghanaian Experience – Eugene Atiemo and I. Decardi-Nelson
  • Quality Application and Cost Benefits of NBRRI Interlocking Bloks as Solution to Nigerian Affordable Housing Aspirations – Dafang J. Matong, Golesh D. Abel, Juliet M. Didel, Atomen Edom
  • A Review of Eco-Friendly Solutions, Green Construction and Sustainable Energy in Nigerian Housing Delivery – Louis Gyoh
  • Developing a Curriculum for the Certification of Artisans for Enhanced Performance in the Construction Industry – O. Falade, Emeso B. Ojo, Friday I. Gai
  • Evaluation of the Strength Properties of reinforcing Bars in Nigeria – Case Study of Bauchi Metropolis – Abdulmalik M Maleka, Abdulrahman Garba and Ibrahim A. Adamu
  • Comparative Analysis of the Compressive Strength of Machine Moulded and Hand Moulded Sandcrete Blocks – I. Obiora, I. C. Egbuna, R. O. Sani and C. C. Osadebe
  • Utilization of Iron Ore Tailing for Manufacture of Laterite Blocks – L. Yisa, D. O. Akanbi and V. Mlanga
  • Innovation in Housing Co-Operative Framework Model: A Significant Tool in Achieving Sustainable Mass Housing in Nigeria – Habeeb Shuaeeb
  • Some Engineering Properties of Sandcrete Blocks Containing Fly Ash – Duna, D. S. Matawal and S. P. Ejeh
  • Comparative Cost Analysis of Compressed Stabilized Blocks and Sandcrete Blocks in Affordable Housing Delivery in Nigeria – Mabilong J. Didel, D. S. Matawal, and Emeso B. Ojo


5. Year: 2014 Book Launch

Title: Road Safety Guidelines for Nigeria (RSG 2014)

Date/Venue:  August, 2014 (Sandralia Hotel, Abuja)


This document is expected to provide a reference material to many authorities on roads and highway administration, safety and construction in the country. Even though it may not be legally binding, nonetheless it is important to note that it will be used by authorities like: Federal Ministry of Works, State and Local Government Ministries of Works and Works Departments, Nigerian Army, Nigerian police Force, Council of the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), Nigerian Society of Engineers, Federal Road Maintenance Agency, Nation Emergency Management Agency, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), Federal Road Safety Corps. Nation Union of Road Transport Workers and the NBRRI Road Research department itself.


6. Year: 2015 International Conference

Theme: Roadmap to Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Road Transportation in Nigeria

Date/Venue:  23rd – 25th June, 2015 (Shehu Musa Yaradua Centre, Abuja)

Papers Presented;

Policy Papers

  • Comparative Benchmarking for Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Transportation for Nigerian Application – Joop Goos
  • An Agenda for Networking Road Transport Research in Nigeria – Matawal , D.S & Omange, G. N

Technical Papers

  • Road Safety Audit of Kano-Zaria Highway – Nura Bala and Hashim Mohammed Alhassan
  • An Assessment of Factors Inhibiting Efficient Integrated Rural Road Transport in Kwara State, Nigeria – Yusuf, I. T. and Jimoh, Y. A
  • Parking Demand and Supply in and Emerging Institution: A case Study of benue State University, Nigeria – Udoo, V.M and Gyuse, T. T
  • Mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect: A Study on Pavement Materials in the Tropics – Didel, M., Danjuma, G. A., Kishak, C.Z., and Dafang, J. M
  • Road Safety Performance Evaluation of Selected Roads in Kano, Nigeria – Alhassan, H. M and Yero, S. A.
  • Assessment of Road Transport Infrastructure Investment in Nigeria – Yero, S. A. and Yero, T. A.
  • Swedish ‘Vision Zero’: A Strategic Policy Option for Safer Roads in Nigeria – Joshua, A. Odeleye
  • Evaluation of the Nigerian Base Bitumen Modified with additive – Yero, S. A. and Alhassan, H. M
  • Non- Motorised Transportation (NMT) and Urbanisation: The Future of Mobility in Nigerian Cities – Emmanuel John
  • Modelling the Resilient Modulus of Road Soils for Efficient and Sustainable Transportation in Nigeria – Jimoh, Y. A and Oyewo, S. A
  • Promoting Cold Patch Road Mat Technology for Strategic, Safe and Efficient Maintenance of Flexible pavements on Small Scale in Nigeria – Adebayo, F. F and Jimoh, Y. A
  • Road Safety Audit of a Section of the Nnamdi Expressway, Abuja Nigeria – Matawal, D. S, Cinfwat, K. Z and Akinmade. O.D
  • Response of Cold Fix Asphalt Produced with Straight Rum Bitumen Blended with polyethylene to Static Loading – Kolo, S. S
  • Warm Mix Asphalt Technology: A Potential for Sustainable Road Transportation in Nigeria – Jimoh Y, A and Afolabi, A. A
  • Development of a Framework for Monitoring Community Based Rural Rural Roads Maintenance Contracting – Olowosulu, A. T., Manasseh, J. & Shuaibu, A. A
  • Land Use and Traffic Pattern in Zaria Urban Area – Dauda, P. I., Yashi, j., Yisa, G. L., Akanbi, D. O. & Makwin, H.L


7. Year: 2016 International Conference

Theme: Repositioning the Nigerian Construction Industry-Realities and Possibilities

Date/Venue:  24th -26th may, 2016 (NAF Conference Centre, Abuja)

Papers Presented;

Industry Growth and Performance


  • Financial Performance of Small and Medium Construction Firms in Abuja, Nigeria – Nwaogu, J. M., Aina, O. O., Oaikhena, E. O. and Okotie, A. J
  • Sustainable Financing and management of Highway Infrastructure in Nigeria: The Public-Private partnership (PPP) Option – Isaac Abiodun
  • A Critical Evaluation of Funding Mechanisms for Urban Infrastructure Deliver in Nigeria – Onibokun, A
  • Road Map for Innovative Urban Regeneration and Rural Settlement Upgrade as Tools for Achieving Competitive Cities in Nigeria – Olutoyin Ayinde
  • Assessment of Building Collapse Phenomenon in Nigeria: Case Study of Abuja and its Environs – Omange, G. N and Matawal, D. S
  • Structural Integrity Assessment of the Academic and Hostel Buildings of University of Illorin using Non-Destructive Methods – Yusu, I. T and Jimoh, Y. A
  • Assessing the Stability Integrity of Tamburawa Bridges Along the Zaria-Kano Highway, Nigeria – Ejeh, S. P., Nkposong, A., Jibrin, U. S., Sule, J., Akinmade, O.D., Inuwa, I.A., Yisa, G. L., Matawal, D. S. and Isah, K. A.

Innovative & Sustainable Materials for Construction

  • Tin Ore Tailing as Fine Aggregate for Rigid Pavement Construction – Manasseh Joel and Rondong, Luka Chung
  • Investigating the Compressive Strength of Lime-Cement Concrete – Awodiji, C. T. G., Onwuka, D. O., Awodiji, O. O and Dike, B. U.
  • Mechanical Properties of Waste Tire Rubber Chips Concrete Modified with palm Fruit Fibre (PFF) – Garba, A.,Mukaddas, A. M, Maleka, A. M. and Siyanbola, S. A.
  • Effect of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) on Cement-Stabilized Rammed Earth Construction – Atere, O. A. and Okoli, O. G
  • Utilization of Palm Oil Fuel Ash as cement Replacement in Concrete Mortar – Jamilu Usman, Abdulrahman Mohd Sam, Duada Dahiru, Mas’ud Mamman and Abdullahi Ibrahim Getso
  • Lateritic Soil Stabilised with Cement-Corn Cob Ash Pozzolan as New Material for Carbon Credit Earning in Pavement Works – Apampa, O. A. and Jimoh, Y. A.
  • Partial Replacement of Cement with Soya Bean Husk Ash in Rigid pavement Concrete Production – Manasseh Joel, Janet Johnson and John Dajo Tsafa
  • Strength and Microstructure of Concrete Mortar Containing Metakaolin – Jibrin M. Kaura, Yusuf D. Amartey, Abdulmumin A. Shuaibu and Ahmad Rabilu
  • Development of Pilot Plant for Pozzolana Cement Production in Nigeria – Matawal, D. S., Lawal, R. B., Omange, G. N., Gidado, M. T. and Ogwu, E. A.
  • Development of Green and Environmentally Friendly Alternative Binder to cement Towards Sustainable Construction – Joshua, O., Matawal, D. S., Akinwumi, T. D., Ogunro, A. S. and Lawal, R. B.
  • Assessment of Owode-Ketu Clay Deposit for Production of Pozzolana for Concrete Works in Nigeria – Osadebe, C. C., Sulymon, N. A., Lawal, R., Oguro, A., Quadri, H., Emannuel, S. and Nwannenna, O.

Emerging Construction Designs & Technologies

  • Achieving Adaptable Housing through Open Building Principles as Means of Catering for Common Changes in Housing Needs: A Pilot Study of Graceland, Zaria – Suleiman, I. I., Maina, J. J. and Sagada, M. L.
  • Effect of Thermal mass and Wall Insulation on Interior Temperature, thermal Comfort and Cooling Energy Efficiency in Katsina – Usman, A. M., Mas’ud, A. K. and Kimeng, H.
  • Prediction of Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Foundations Using Standard Penetration Data in the South-South Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria – Salahudeen, A. B., Ijimdiya, S. T., Eberemu O. A. and Osinubi, J. K.
  • Reliability Analysis of Foundation Settlement in North-Central Nigeria – Salahudeen, A. B., Ijimdiya, S. T., Eberemu O. A. and Osinubi, J. K.
  • A Study on the Bending Strength of Solid and Glue Laminated Timber from Three Selected Nigerian Timber Species – Ekundayo, O. O., Kimeng, H. T., Ango, A.J., Folorunsho, T. A. and Nwaogu, J. M.
  • Potentials of Laminated Bamboo Panels (LBPs) as an Alternative Construction Material in Nigeria – Bello, K. O., Nwanade, O., Inuwa, I., and Okoro, L.
  • Application of Cullet in the Production of Ceramic Tiles – Ogunro, A., Nwannenna, O., Aeh, F. and Lawal, R. B.

Technical Notes and Discussions

  • Performance Evaluation of Construction Industry within the Structure of the Nigerian Economy – Kunle Wahab
  • Health and Safety in the Construction Industry – Nnamdi Ilodiuba
  • Repositioning the Nigerian Construction Industry: Realities and Possibilities – Danladi Slim Matawal
  • Evolving Risk management and Conflict Resolution for Effective Delivery in Nigerian Construction Industry – Victor Oyenuga
  • Strengthening Quality Assurance, Standardization and Codes of Practice in the Nigerian Construction Industry. – Kashim Ali


8. Year: 2017 International Conference

Theme: Emerging Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Building and Road Infrastructure

Date/Venue:  20th – 21st June, 2017 (NAF Conference Centre, Abuja)

Papers Presented;

Lead Paper – Visible Global Technological Innovation trends in Building and Road Infrastructure – Matawal, D. S

Innovative & Sustainable Materials for Building Infrastructure

  • Dynamics in the Adoption of Offsite Construction in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja – Olubajo, O. O., Olawuyi, B. J. and Ndanusa, W. F.
  • Simplified Determination of Indoor daylight Illumination by Light Pipes Using Dual technology Outdoor Test – Tukur, R. B., Riffat, S. B., Su Y
  • Exploratory Study on Agro-Waste Ashes Combination with Industrial Waste as Alternative Binders in Concrete – Olawuyi, B. J., Joshua, O., Hassan, I. O., Enejiyon, M. O. and Egwuda, C. I
  • Investigating Palmyra (Natural Fibre) as a Construction Material – Ismaila, J., Elinwa, A. U., Duna, S., Sule, J. and Adewale, A.K.
  • Evaluation of Some Properties of Campacted Waste Foundary Sand-Bentonite Mixtures Used as Liners and Covers for Waste Containment facilities – Iliyasu, I., Yohanna, P., Ishaya, P., Abass, A., Kadiri, S. O. and Osinubi, K. J.
  • Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Glass Ceramics Developed from Corn Cob Ash for Construction Materials – Adigun, Bidemi O., Garkida, A. D., and Alemaka, E. M.
  • Utilization of Waste Glass as Coarse Aggregate in Textured paint Production – Adejo, A. O., Garkida, A. D. and Ali, E. A
  • Experimental Investigation of Clay Plaster as an Alternative to Coventional Cement Plaster – Joseph E. S., Bello, T., Sani, R. O. and Sulymon, N. A.
  • Investigating the Embodied Energy, carbon IV Oxide Emission and Compressive Strength of Mortar Containing Corn Cob Ash – Abubakar, A., Abbagana, M. and Duna, S.

Innovative & Sustainable Materials for Building Infrastructure: Concrete and Admixtures

  • Experimental and Theoretical Study using Cold Formed Steel with Self Compacting Concrete in a Composite Beam System – Mustapha Mohammed Lawan and Mahmood Md Tahir
  • Investigating the Potential of Uncalcined Termite Mould as Pozzolana – Abdulmumin, A. M., Raji, S. A. and Ojo, E. B.
  • Effect of Clean and Salty Water on the Compressive Strength of Metakaolin Blended Concrete – Nyela, J. y., Amartey, Y. D., Kaura, J.M, Bajahry, S. I and Tyoden, J.N.
  • Performance evaluation of Alkali-activated Coconut Shell Ash as Binder in Mortar – Olonade, K. A. and Bello, T
  • Effect of Periwinkle Shell Ash and Periwinkle Shell Dust on Concrete – Zuberu, M. O., Amartey, Y.D and Idris, A.
  • Workability and Strenth Properties of Calcined Owode-Ketu Clay/Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete for Sustainable Buildings – Osadebe, C. C., Quadri, H. A, Sulymon, N. A., Lawal, R. B., Ogunro, S. O., Sule, E. and Nwannenna, O. C.
  • Effects of Different Molarities on Ambient Temperature-Cured Metakaolin-based Geo-polymer Concrete – Ka’tase, E. T., Adejo, J. E. and Adejo, A. O.
  • Influence of Post –Mixing Elapsed Time on Strength of Lateritic Soil Treated with Cement-Iron Ore Tailings – Ijimdiya, T. S., Abdul-Basit, S. A. and Osinubi, K. J

Emerging Construction Materials & Technologies for Sustainable Road Infrastructure

  • R&D Adoption of Innovations and technologies for Sustainable Road Infrastructure – Eyo, T.
  • Potentials of Underground Space Infrastructure in Nigeria – Abidemi, A.
  • Road Surface Condition Monitoring from Smartphone Sensor Using GPRS Visualizer – Cinfwat, K. Z., Akinmade, O. D., Abu, A. S. P., Inuwa, A. I., Cinfwat, D. Z.
  • Statistical Evaluation of Strength Properties of Sawdust Ash Treated Tropical Black Clay as Pavement Material – Yohanna, P., Mannir, I and Osinubi, K. J.
  • Effect of Corn Cob Ash and lime on the Strength Characteristics of Lateritic Soil for Sustainable Roads – Ologun, S., Quadiri, H. A., Monde, M. J. and Okon, J. E.
  • Effect of Calcium Chloride on Strength Properties of Lateritic Soils – Sani, J. E. and Joseph, A.
  • Evaluation of the Plasticity and Compaction Characteristics of Lateritic Soil-Cement-Iron Ore Tailings Mixture – Kanyi, I. M., Eberemu, A. O. and Osinubi, K. J.
  • Effect of Waste Wood Ash on the Plasticity and Compaction Characteristics of Black Cotton Soil – Igboro, T., Ijimdiya, T. and Osinubi, K. J
  • Evaluation of Influence of Palm Kernel Shell on Strength of Lateritic Soil in Pavement works – Ako, T. and Yusuf, I. T.
  • Evaluation of Waste steel Slag on Aggregate for Use in Road Construction – Yero, S. A
  • Numerical Modelling of Shallow Foundation Settlement and Bearing Capacity Based on Cone Penetration Test Results – Salahudeen, A. D. and Osinubi, K. J

Technical Notes

  • Uptake of Emerging Construction Materials in Estate Development – Chime U


9. Year: 2018 International Conference

Theme: Emerging Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Building and Road Infrastructure

Date/Venue:  20th – 21st June, 2018 (NAF Conference Centre, Abuja)

Papers Presented;

Lead Paper

  • Harnessing Building and Road Infrastructure Towards Environmentally Sustainable Development In Nigeria – Danladi S. Matawal

 Commissioned Papers

  • Development of Smart Cities in Nigeria: Concepts, Challenges and Way forward – Mustapha Zubairu, Niger State Urban Support Programme, Minna
  • Uptake of Proven R&D Outputs in the Nigerian Construction Industry – Duna Samson, Research Director, NBRRI
  • Community-driven Building Construction Technologies for Grassroot Development – Emeka Nwachukwu, Climate Change Adaptation and Agribusiness Support Programme (CASP) – (FMARD)
  • Overview Of Codes Of Professional Practice In The Built Environment In Nigeria – Osita Aboloma (Esq.), DG/CEO Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)
  • Application of Modular Construction Technologies for Provision of Shelter for IDPs: NBRRI Solutions – Bello K.O., Maton D.J., Nwanade O., Arowolo T., Ojo E.B., & Matawal D.S.
  • Global Challenges in Construction Industry and Probable Solutions Applicable to Nigeria – Archibong Nkposong, Etteh Aro & Partners
  • The Role of Built Environment in Delivering Sustainable Development Goals – Dr. Samson Opaluwah
  • Standards, Specifications and Quality Control in Construction in Nigeria – Kabiru Bala, Chairman Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON)
  • Developing a Concrete Mix Design Manual for Nigerian Construction Industry – Charles Ukoh, University of Uyo
  • Infrastructure Development in Nigeria: Assessment of Strategies, Policies and Way Forward – Sam Amdii, University of Abuja

           Built Environment and Spatial Land Use

  • Mapping & Analysis Of Vulnerability Of Coastal Erosion In Lagos Coastal Area – Akhademe L.E
  • Application of NBRRI Digitised Subgrade Soils Map (DSSM) in Nigerian Construction Industry – Aitsebaomo F.O., Fakeye A.M., & Osadebe C.C.
  • Assessment of Urban Dynamics in Terms of Spatial Landuse Variation in Yenagoa – Lamidi R.B., Agbiyaowe C.P. & Okonufua E.
  • Slope Stability and Seepage Analyses of Oferekpe Flood Dyke in Ebonyi State by Numerical Modelling Technique — Salahudeen A. B., Ijimdiya T. S., Eberemu A. O. & Osinubi K. J.
  • Investigating Housing Stock and Causes of Vacant Houses in Jabi District, Abuja –Maton, D.J., Surajo, L.A., Ibrahim, I.A. & Nwanade O.
  • Predictive Modelling of Travel Time on Major Roads in Akure, Ondo State Nigeria – Ajayi S.A., Quadri H.A., & Sani R.O.
  • Strength Performance of Concrete Cured in Oil Spillage Contaminated Water Sources in Akwa Ibom State – Ekop, I., Omongbale, T & Asiedet J. O
  • Effects of Open-Dumping on the Geotechnical Properties of a Soil – Quadri H.A., Adeyemi, O.A., Obiora, F.I.,& Faboro,O.P

        Innovative Building Construction Techniques

  • Modular Construction Techniques for Disaster Prone areas – Akujobi J.
  • Development Of Specification Writing Procedure For Mixture Proportions For Laterite Cement Bricks Using The Central Composite Design Approach – Alao, T. O & Jimoh, A. A
  • Reliability-Based Optimum Design Of OneWay Reinforced Concrete Slabs Based On Eurocode2 – Muntari Y.S & Kaura J.M

Innovative Road Construction Techniques

  • Advances in State of the Art Heavy Construction Technologies – Stellati P., Chaudhuri K.R, Saliba R.
  • NBRRI Construction Technologies for Labour Based Access-Feeder Roads – Aitsebaomo F.O.
  • Comparative Effect of Sporosarcina Pasteurii on the Index Properties and Compaction Characteristics of Black Cotton and Lateritic Soils – Osinubi, K.J., Eberemu, A.O. Gadzama, E.W. Ijimdiya, T.S. Jonathan, O.J., and AlMustapha, I.

           Alternative Materials for Building Construction

  • Strength Characteristics of Blended Cement Cassava Peel Ash (CCPA) Concrete – Olonade K.A.
  • Compressive Strength Prediction Model for Concrete using Cassava Peel Ash (CPA) Blended Cement Mortar As Binder – Taku, J. K.; Gondo, G. A. Onoja, I & Ismaila, J
  • Geopolymer Stabilisation of Earth Building Materials for Sustainable Building Construction – Ojo E.B., Isah A.K., Teixeira R.S., Matawal D.S., Savastano H.
  • Influence of Rice Husk Ash on Properties of Self Compacting Concrete – Abubakar M. & Usman, N.
  • Assessing The Potential Of Selected Kaolin For The Synthesis Of Metakaolin Based Geopolymer – Yola A.M., Abdulmumin M. M., Makwin H.L., Ojo E. B., & Matawal D.S.
  • Multiscale Characterization of Neem Seed Husk Ash Concrete – Taku, J. K. & Gondo, G. A.
  • Characterization of Rice Husk Ash From Selected States in Nigeria – Abdulmumin M., Makwin H., Yola A.M., Tyoden J., Ojo E.B., & Matawal D.S.
  • Performance of Concrete Containing Metakaolin and Ground Scoria as Partial Replacement of Cement – Aliyu A., Duna S., & Abbagana M.
  • Performance of Castor Oil as an Admixture in Concrete – Abubakar, S. B., Job F.O., & Usman N.
  • Potentials and Application of NBRRI Pozzolana in Nigeria – Lawal, R.B., Makinde, W.O., Quadri H., Yahaya, B.S., Ogwu A.E, & Matawal, D.S

           Sustainable Pavement Construction Materials

  • Effect of Bacillus Coagulans-Induced Calcite Precipitate on the Index and Compaction Properties of Lateritic And Black Cotton Soils – Osinubi, K.J., Eberemu, A. O., Yohanna, P., Ijimdiya T., Adjei, A. & Sada, Y. Y
  • Effect of Metakaolin on Hydraulic Conductivity of Lateritic Soil Treated with Bentonite – Elemba, V., Amadi, A.A. & Sadiku, S.
  • Evaluation of the Strength of Compacted Lateritic Soil Treated with Sporosarcina Pasteurii-Induced Precipitate – Osinubi K.J., Eberemu A.O., Ijimdiya T.S., Gadzama E.W. & Yakubu S.E.
  • Effect of Bacillus Pumilus-Induced Calcite Precipitation on the Index Properties and Compaction Characteristics of Lateritic and Black Cotton Soil – Osinubi, K. J., Eberemu, A. O., Sani, J. E., Ijimdiya, T. S., Taman J. & Abdulmutallib M.
  • Reliability-Based Evaluation Of Compaction Characteristics of Periwinkle Shell Ash Treated Lateritic Soil as Road Pavement Sub-Base Material – Etim R. K., Yohanna P., Attah I. C., & Eberemu A. O.
  • Prediction of Optimum Moisture Content of Black Cotton Soil Stabilized with Cement Kiln Dust Using Artificial Neural Networks – Salahudeen A. B., Ijimdiya T. S., Eberemu A. O. and Osinubi K. J.
  • Statistical Prediction of Compaction Characteristics of Lateritic and Black Cotton Soils Treated with Bacillus Coagulans Induced Calcite Precipitation – Osinubi, K.J., Eberemu, A. O., Yohanna, P., Ijimdiya T.S., Adjei, A. and Sada, Y.

           Innovative Construction Materials

  • Perception of Construction Professionals on Factors Hindering the use of Stabilized Earth Interlocking Blocks in Abuja – Auwalu F.K
  • Influence of Firing Temperature on the Ceramic Properties of Ifonyintedo and Owode-Ketu Clays – Osadebe, C.C., Ogunro A., Nwannnenna, O., Sulymon N., Lawal, R., Quadri, H. & Sule E.
  • Recycling of Waste Glass as Sintering aid in Clays for Production of Ceramic Tiles Towards Sustainable Contruction – Apeh F.I., Ogunro A. S., Nwannenna O. C., & Ibhadode, O

      Policy, Ethics and Standards

  • Assessing the Awareness Level of Builders’ Risk Insurance (BRI) Among Construction Firms in Abuja, Nigeria – Oyeleke, F., Muhammad, S. & Kado, D.
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a Knowledge Management Tool for Collaboration among Construction Professionals – Osuji E.C., Ehoche P.E.,& Akanbi I.T.
  • An Evaluation of the Benefits of Adopting Quality Management in Nigerian Construction Projects – Esumobi G, Ayegba F. F & Baba-Girei Z.