It was an encomium of praises from the palace of the Olota of OTA towards the Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI) on Thursday 18th of February, 2021 when the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of NBRRI, Prof. Samson Duna and some top Management Staff paid a courtesy visit to the Olota of OTA and also performed the handing over ceremony of NBRRI sponsored projects at the palace to the Olota. The DG/CEO was given an “AWORI” welcome by the Obalanlege and members of the Obas in Council.
The Kabiyesi, the 21st Monarch of the throne was pleased and honoured to receive the DG/CEO and Directors as well as members of staff to his palace as he expressed joy towards the great work NBRRI has been doing in the kingdom.
On behalf of the Obas in Council, the Seriki of OTA, High Chief Olanrewaju Bashorun gave the welcome address has he thanked the Institute for the work done so far at the Olota’s palace and the contribution of the Institution to the Awori Kingdom.
Speaking about the project, Engr. Dr. Friday Apeh, Head of NBRRI’s Engineering Material Research Department gave a brief that the project is a pet project using NBRRI’s technology and paving stones which today is a success owing to the huge support by the DG/CEO and his push on NBRRI’s social responsibility towards her host community.
Giving his keynote address, the DG/CEO, NBRRI Prof. Samson Duna acknowledged the Oba and other High Chiefs present has he stated that the Obalanlege has one of the most beautiful and welcoming palaces in Nigeria and the Institute is here to partake of the blessings of the Kabiyesi and hand over the project done in the palace to him. He explained that this will not be the last of projects the Institute will carry out in the kingdom has he also solicited for cooperation between the indigenes of Ota and Staff of NBRRI and pledged that NBRRI’s staff are law abiding, and that NBRRI’s technology can be taught to the indigenes of Ota. He then promised to set up a committee that will work out modalities for other projects that will be beneficial to the Awori kingdom. He thanked the Kabiyesi for his support during the project and also commended the Oba on his unending intervention to the Institution in terms of working relationships as well as adequate security.
Prof. Duna also thanked the Oba for honouring the Institute’s invitation at the last RIGAN games hosted by the Institute. In the same vein, he requested the Oba to always invite the Institute to events and programmes that require the Institute’s presence. He also notified the Oba of his confirmation as the DG/CEO, NBRRI since his last visit.
In response, Oba Adeyemi Abdulkabir Obalanlege expressed joy and satisfaction with what the DG/CEO has done for the people of Awori kingdom, stating that the Institute has put a smile on the faces of his people by its Cooperate Social Responsibility, thereby creating advance publicity for itself. He then offered a royal prayer that NBRRI will be a Centre of excellence and the Institute will grow in greater heights and advancement.
Like Oliver twist, the Oba stated that they will ask for more and hoped that the second phase of the project will commence soonest. To this, the DG/CEO gave him the assurance that within 2 to 3 months, work will start to complete the entire project.
Giving the vote of thanks, the Coordinator of NBRRI’s National Laboratory Complex (NLC), Ota Dr. C. C Osadebe thanked the Oba for the opportunities given, his leadership role and for the cordial relationship between NBRRI and the Awori people as these relationship gives room for developments.
After the brief meeting, the Kabiyesi alongside his High Chiefs led the DG/CEO and Directors of the Institute on a tour on the projects within the palace which the DG/CEO performed the handing over ceremony of the projects to the Kabiyesi.

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